Sam Reveles: Solastalgia

Sep 09, 2023 — Feb 03, 2024

The paintings and drawings in Sam Reveles: Solastalgia are abstract interpretations of landscapes and contours of human and animal bodies. A native of El Paso Texas, Reveles is influenced by the contrasting colors of the desert landscape and the city’s brightly painted buildings. In 2010, Reveles moved to Ireland. The lakes and lush green hills first captivated him during a trip to Dublin in the 1990s. The dramatically different landscapes that Reveles has called home are reflected in the color palettes of his paintings and drawings.  

Reveles first encountered the concept of solastalgia while reading a book about Earth’s underground geology, including the burial of nuclear waste that will take thousands of years to break down. Solastalgia, a concept created by environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht, refers to grief caused by environmental destruction, specifically the inability to find comfort or solace in nature.  

Each painting or drawing seems to be in constant motion, zooming in and out of focus, and changing directions. The density of patterns and repeating lines creates a map--topology--of emotion that captures the beauty and despair of living in landscapes that are changing due to destructive human activity. 

Special thanks to Maison Mouton Bed & Breakfast for their in-kind sponsorship of this exhibition.

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