Sitting with George Rodrigue

Jan 27, 2024 — Jul 13, 2024

George Rodrigue was a dynamic storyteller, and his portraits invite you to experience the story that each painting tells. As a decedent of Acadian exiles, Rodrigue's portraits of Cajun culture are a tribute to his heritage, showcasing cultural figures, local legends, and Acadian traditions.

Sitting With George Rodrigue brings together a selection of work ranging from the 1970s until his death in 2013. This exhibition reveals the evolution of the iconic Blue Dog paintings for which he is known worldwide. Whether portraying the Blue Dog's striking yellow eyes or the dark outline of trees against the Louisiana sky, Rodrigue's paintings have an element of mystery that is part of his enduring appeal as a storyteller.

Rodrigue often had personal relationships with the people featured in his portraits. Throughout the gallery, you will find labels with more detailed information about these subjects. There are many more stories about Rodrigue that extend beyond the work on view here. If you have a story related to his art, please visit our education space within this gallery where you can contribute to local history and scholarship of Rodrigue's work.

This exhibition would not be possible without the community of friends, family, and collectors that love Rodrigue's art. Thank you to all of those who lent their work and expertise, including the George Godfrey Rodrigue Jr. Family Trust, the Life and Legacy Foundation, and the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts.

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