Fall 2018

Maureen Dugas Foster - Architecture Tools



Maureen Dugas Foster has a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Since 2006 Maureen has worked in several architectural firms throughout New Orleans and Lafayette. She is currently a Project Manager at Longo Architecture Studio in the Oil Center. Maureen is also the founder of the local organization Designing Women of Acadiana (DWA) - a platform for women in architecture and design fields. Maureen is strategically focusing on Public Architectural Design Education and Awareness, especially for children. This is an avenue of professional and community outreach which will have the largest positive impact on the profession of architecture.

Program Description

To introduce students to architecture, Maureen Dugas Foster  has designed two STEAM field trip experiences based on the exhibition A. Hays Town and the Architectural Image of Louisiana. Elementary students will learn about the types of diagrams, architectural drawings and models that architects use to communicate design choices and solve problems. In our classroom they will have a chance to follow and create their own architectural plans while completing a building challenge. Older students will explore the topic of scale, including comparing scale in different buildings and using scale drawings and models in the design process. Teachers will receive pre and post visit activities and a lesson plan that meets art and science standards.

This program will be offered October through December on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Spots are limited and must be scheduled ahead of time. It is free to attend; you only have to pay transportation.






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