From North to South: Icons of Min-Nineteenth Century American Landscape Painting

The Hilliard University Art Museum invites you to join us for the the fifth annual John Bartholomew Bienvenu lecture featuring Dr. Janice Simon. Dr. Simon is the Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor of Art History in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, where she has taught since 1988. This presentation will focus on the artists of the antebellum period whose work now defines American landscape painting.

Dr. Simon is a specialist in American and Modern art, and has contributed to many exhibition catalogs and books, as well as journal articles and conference papers on a wide range of subjects in her field. Her teaching interests extend as well into European modernism and spirituality, modernist photography in America and Europe, and the depiction of modern artists in film. In 2017 she was awarded the “First-Year Odyssey Seminar Teaching Award” by the University of Georgia for her course “Looking at Art in the Georgia Museum of Art.”


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