A Teaspoon and a Bit of String: The Illustrations of Denise Gallagher

Jun 14, 2019 — Aug 31, 2019

Denise Gallagher is passionate about creating. An internationally published author and illustrator, Denise is deeply inspired by rare animals, ancient folklore and her Louisiana home. Always ready for an idea to strike, Denise carries a sketchbook wherever she goes to capture the world around her. Moments of pure joy, random memories, bits of melancholy and fleeting thoughts are all carefully recorded, and then woven into her beloved illustrations and developed into narrative.

Her drawing style is intricate, and provides a glimpse into a rich storybook world, where characters peek from the edge of a dark forest, often held together by stitches and bits of string. According to Denise, “My stories carry readers through lush and enchanted landscapes. There, recurring characters — including bears, wolves and young children — find themselves in curious situations. Along the way, seemingly random objects — a fig, a skeleton key or a teacup — become deeply meaningful or infused with magic. Those who experience my work often find themselves imagining what might happen next, then are pleasantly surprised at the gentle unfolding of a charming tale with just a hint of mystery.”

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