MiniScapes: Where the Land Meets the Mind

May 06, 2021 — Sep 10, 2021

This exhibition is presented in collaboration between the Lafayette Parish School System Talented Visual Arts Program and the Hilliard Art Museum. Using the  exhibitions on view in Spring , students were challenged to make landscapes rooted in their own sense of place, relationships with the land, and history. The exhibitions that served as their inspirations dealt with a variety of subjects, including documentary photographs of bridges along the Mississippi River, Acadian brown cotton fields in Louisiana, and abandoned Freedman's communities from the South to Oklahoma, as well as conceptual art in the form of seeds and recreations of historical medicines used by enslaved Aican Americans.

Each student landscape on view is diminutive in size but meant to show the breadth of artists' minds and experiences. The orientation of each work of art was also intended to be horizontal, or “landscape,” to reference the land and proportions normally associated with landscape paintings, photography, and the like. Students’ names can be found attached to each work of art.

The titles of the shows that helped inspire their work are:

Bridging the Mississippi: Spans Across the Father of Waters

Acadiana Brown Cotton: The Fabric of Acadiana

LaChaun Moore: 17845

Black Nature: Letitia Huckaby

The Talented Visual Arts Teachers whose students participated are:

Ralph Bourque

Erin Broussard

Troy Dugas

Brian Guidry

Liz Hebert

Marla Kristicevich

Simone McCrocklin

Emee Morgan

Stephanie Patton

Kelli Richard

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