Your Town: A History of Culture and Community

Jun 01, 2018 — Sep 01, 2018

In 1968 Acadiana celebrated the opening of its first dedicated art museum – the Art Center for Southwestern Louisiana designed by architect, A. Hays Town. The construction of the Art Center symbolized a new era of business development and prosperity in Lafayette, an era that was spurred on by the rapid growth of the nearby Oil Center in the 1950s. Lafayette’s original art museum was not only a home for a significant collection of Louisiana paintings, it was also a venue for lectures, seminars, performances, social gatherings – a place for learning, for all ages.

Town’s Art Center was one his first buildings that spoke to Louisiana's shared architectural past in a manner that was relatable to those living in the twentieth century. As a parallel, the Hilliard Museum’s Town Building has since played a significant role in the lives of our community, not only as an art center but also as a site for weddings and receptions, and as a backdrop for photographs documenting life’s rites of passage – graduations, proms, birthdays and engagements.

Your Town is a reflection of the history and significance of our first art museum and a lasting architectural icon.We are grateful to the Dupre Library and to all those who contributed their stories, materials and images for this exhibition.

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